Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Travel Buddy

Look at my Travel Buddy. This is a Giraffe Travel Buddy by Noodle Heads.
These can be seen at http://www.noodleheadfun.com/travel-buddies-giraffe-p-61.html and there are lots of critters to choose from.

Now I have to be honest and tell you I wanted it for myself! I was so happy to learn I won from the site Two Classy Chics.I have neck pain issues and wanted a crescent shaped pillow so if this would work then why not have a cute one? I just prayed it fit as these are designed for children!

Well my cute friend arrived and I fell in love with him/her! AND Hip Hip Hooray is worked for me! I am a big gal and it fit as a neck support pillow in my chair and I felt styling! I also now have a pink hippo one that I am going to give as a Christmas gift for my sister in law that has horrible neck issues.
So if you are an adult and want a cute neck pillow, don't be afraid to order one for yourself! Go for it! And Thanks to Noodle Heads and Two Classy Chics for my new pillow. http://twoclassychics.blogspot.com/ has lots of goodies to win so go check them out/


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  2. huh? I don't understand your comment above Joaness. Anyway, just wanted to let you know we appreciate the write up but your first link to us is incorrect.


  3. I dont know where that first comment came from. It wasn't me! I fixed the link! Thanks for pointing that out!