Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tip - Cleaning Your Pearls

I don't know about you but I love pearls. They are feminine and beautiful and how they are created is fascinating to me. That little grain of sand in an oyster turning into a thing of beauty! Pearls have been adorning people for centuries and have been coveted by some as treasure years ago.

So do you have a lovely strand of pearls that have perhaps been handed down to you by a loved one or a strand that has sat in a jewelry box for years? It is time to get them out and wear them and enjoy them! Perhaps the pearls have lost a little luster and appear dirty so you have not worn them. Here is a simple solution without having to pay a lot of money to clean your pearls. Remember NOT to use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your pearls! I learned from a jeweler friend of mine to clean pearls with Olive oil! Thats right, house hold olive oil! It cleans them off and brings back the lovely luster of the pearls. Just put a little Olive Oil on a soft cloth and rub each pearl until clean and shiny

Pearls never go out of style so get those pearls out, clean with Olive oil and show off your lovely pearls again!

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