Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Little Words

Yawn, stretch, crap it is time to wake up. How did the night fly by so fast? I am so comfy I dont want to get up. Oh I hear him coming down the hall, "Good Morning Darling Starling, I love you." These words are spoken to me every morning , at least the "I Love You" part! I come to expect it and if for some reason he doesn't say I love you but says the rest I let him know it! And in response to his morning wake up duty I tell him I love him and occasionally add in other niceties!

I have noticed as I have gotten older saying "I Love You" means more to me and is also easier to say! I think in my 20's and 30's I might have said these words to my parents and husband # whatever at the time. I meant it with the parents. I never felt comfortable saying it to anyone else......

When I got into my 40's I started realizing the importance of love and those around me. It started with a close friend telling me she loved me, as I responded back with whatever I said, and sat and thought that was odd, I never had a friend say that to me before. I then started forming closer bonds with certain friends and understood that "I Love you" for that special friend! Now I have a special group of friends that I tell I love them and they say it back and I sure hope they are comfortable saying it back.

So where does that leave you when you realize this stage of life? I sure don't know but am glad I did and am looking forward to the road ahead to see where it leads!

So for all my friends, "I Love You", and for those I don't know yet dont be afraid to share whats in your heart with those around you. You will never regret it!



  1. That is a nice thought and I agree with you. When a friend first told me she loved me, it was weird. But now it is nice to know that there are true friends who want you to know their feelings and I share my feelings with them.

    I Love you Joan!

  2. Beautiful post! I've found that I'm the same way with staying "I Love You" now that I'm older also.

  3. I have given you an award for you blog. You can check it out here