Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Bye Angel

"Your mission should you decide to accept it......" is my first memory of the lovely and beautiful Farrah Fawcett. I loved her in this show and even got my hair cut and styled to look like hers.
She has always appeared to me to be a wonderful, great, and strong woman and I have always admired her.

In the past few months her life and struggle with cancer has been highly publicized on television and I have watched with compassion and sadness. She really was so strong and fought her disease head on like a great warrior! Throughout all this Ryan O'Neill and Farrahs close friend were always by her side inspiring her and loving her. I sure hope that I am as fortunate as Farrah when I reach this stage in my life as she was truly blessed. With my illnesses recently I have faced my own mortality and I must say from what was shared about Farrah I was not nearly as graceful as she and I sure admire her!

I pray she is in a better place now and is pain free. She is truly and Angel and is in heaven now.
Farrah Rest In Peace Dear Lady and may God embrace you as the public has here and let you know now that God will be calling saying "Today your mission is......" Amen


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