Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chihuly Art Glass

Neptune_Seaform                 Wild Poppy Persian Pair_1 

Dale ChihulyNeptune Seaform             Dale Chihuly, 
                                                          Wild Poppy Persian Pair   
 Fiesta_Macchia                 Azure_Blue_Seaform_Pair
 Dale Chihuly, Fiesta Macchia                 Dale Chihuly, 
                                                            Azure Blue Seaform Pair 

I don't know what kind of art you like but I personally get goosebumps and excuse the bluntness, a little turned on when I see Art Glass, and more specifically Chihuly Glass.
Here are a few of his pieces that are soon to retire, what does that mean? They will soon jump up in price.  
One must truly appreciate the art of Chihuly and I am seeing his work in more and more places such as in the Casino at Paradise Island in the Bahamas and as the Center of attention in the newer cruise ships.  His pieces are not in my price range, except for a few token small pieces that really aren't worth the money and I am not sure he made them or his assistants.

So what kind of art are you in to? There are so many things to tantalize the art lover in you! From glass, to sculptures, to paintings, to architecture, what catches your eye?

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