Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hand Painted Tote Bag

I just have to share with you all the cutest handcrafted item I have seen in awhile. Donna at has made a handpainted tote bag with Sunflowers on it!
This totebag would be great for a lot of things. You can use to take shopping with you and save on using plastic bags at store. It is so cute you could use it as a purse. You could do so much with this nice bad.
There is a giveaway for this. Please go to to see how to win this bag. Also please look around the blog and see all the cute and wonderful things my talented friend Shelly makes.

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  1. Thanks sweets for all of your support and your friendship! Btw...send out your chicken this morning along with a lil something for you.

    big hugs!