Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Embarrassing Moment

Have you ever had a fashion faux pas? One so embarrassing that it causes nightmares? One so embarrassing it has taken you years to share the story, to share a laugh with others, at the expense of your own dignity? This is just one of several I have had happen and I think twenty years later I can finally tell the story!
Think back to the early 80's! Wrap around skirts were all the rage then and I owned several. I must admit they were comfy and easy to match with tops as all were solid colors. To wear one you would wrap a skirt around your midriff with a tie that went through a hole to meet up with another tie, and you would then tie the skirt closed and together! I just loved wearing there until.....
I was a college student at the time and I landed a great summer Intern job in Washington DC for the summer. I also joined a carpool where we all met at one parking lot to leave our cars. I was Sooooo lucky I thought as I would sit with Mike all the time and I had a tiny crush on him! TINY tiny crush LOL. I always made sure to look good for Mike in the mornings. I remember how he made my heart pitter patter! Yes I had this tiny crush!
One day when Mike was driving, I was the last out of the car. As we were gabbing about up coming concerts, special events, etc. and I was hoping he was going to ask me out. Oh please lord let him ask me I thought as I was getting out of the car! I really wanted a date with him!
Well I stood up and continued our chat and noticed his facial expression had changed. I looked down and in his car seat was my skirt and I was standing there in my panties in the parking lot! OMG was I embarrassed. My face must of turned every shade of red in the book! This would have been a perfect scene on a sitcom. It was absolutely mortifying to me, to expose myself to this guy I so wanted to date!
Now what, I thought. What am I to do besides crawl into a hole and die? This wasn't happening, please this wasn't happening! Finally I politely smiled, grabbed my skirt and rewrapped it around me and went to my car.I was almost in tears from embarrassment as this was probably the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me in my life, at that time!
So what did my friend, my crush, my car pool buddy say? Nothing! He just smiled and wished me a safe ride home. Being the gentleman he was, he never mentioned a word of this to me (Everyone else maybe)! We never did go out but I often remember this incident and giggle to myself!

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