Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Have a Home Party Biz- Now What?

So You Are Going To Start a Home Party Plan Endeavor

It is the end of the night and you are sitting at a friends home placing an order from her home party and you find yourself thinking, “I really like this product and if I sign up to sell it I can help out my friend and also buy at a discount for personal use!” Great! You just signed up on an impulse. Do you really know what it takes to do home parties? Do you have time for this business? Are you ready?

These are just a few questions one should ask oneself before signing on the dotted line and handing over a chunk of money for your starter kit!

Beginning a home party biz can be a little bit overwhelming. The first thing to do is look to your upline(your recruiter or a manager or team leader etc.) for support and guidance. If they aren't going to be there for you now is the time to learn this. There are many web sites, yahoo groups, and networking sights dedicated to home businesses so don't panic!

Sit down and make a list of people you know who will help you start off your business. I suggest your first party be your own! Ask these people to help you out and pin them down to a date and time if you can. Now check out and see if you have all your supplies you need in your kit. Read and learn and KNOW your product. Be prepared to answer questions. No one expects you to be an immediate expert but basic information is important to know.

Now it's party time! Here are some do's and dont's for your party. Don't serve alcohol at the party as it is not that kind of party! DO NOT set up an elaborate table full of Hor Dourves as a potential hostesses may think that would also be expected of her. The simpler the better when it comes to snacks.

You are ready to start. You need to take control of the room. It is hard your first few times but it will get easier! Stand up and announce you are ready to start your presentation. Hopefully the room will get quiet for you. If not, kindly let those talking that you are ready and would like to get started as you promised your hostess it would only take a certain amount of time to do presentation and get done as everyone's time is valuable.

Now you have finished your presentation. Find a quiet area where you can help each guest go over their order. You may be able to offer suggestions and do some up-selling when one on one with the guest. Ask this guest what they thought of the items and if they would help their friend out by booking a party. Also feel them out on having a home business, as they just may be your next recruit. Let the guest know you enjoyed meeting them and give them approximate time frame to expect order.

You are now done with all the guests and it is time to close out the party. The hostess says she has a few more catalog orders coming in. Be stern and let her know you need those by such and such a date to close out party. Total up sales and let hostess know where she stands. You may be able to get her to add to her orders more to get her hostess gift of choice!

Once you have her orders all in get the order in to the company as soon as possible so the orders will arrive quickly. Either deliver to hostess or if direct ships to her give her a call to make sure all is OK and see if there is anything you can do to help! Also let her know you would like to call her again in 6 months to see how she is doing!

These few tidbits will hopefully help you get on with your business and start out a success!

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