Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look Out! The Moms are Coming!

It was several years ago when a dear friend of mine tried to convince me to blog. I was reluctant to do so and it probably took me more than a year to be persuaded by her and others. After my first blog post, written about my fear of blogging, I was hooked. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts, ideas, recipes, etc. with other "Mommy Bloggers". It was exciting to see my thoughts in ink so to speak, and to to watch my number of followers grow!

Now, there are thousands of "Mommy Bloggers" out there and their voices are strong and being heard! It didn't take long in the world of blogging for businesses large and small alike to realize the power of our voices. RAWR! We offer honest thoughts and opinions regarding products, TV shows, politics, potty training and anything else you can think of. This all lead to the world of product reviews and giveaways. "Mommy Bloggers" are now being heard loud and clear in sales and marketing-PR. Businesses are now offering opportunities for the "Mommy Blogger" to obtain free product in exchange for a review on that product, often also adding a giveaway of that same product to a follower of that blog to entice the blog readers to read the review! I have to believe the businesses that are utilizing these blogs are saving a great deal of money in their advertising/marketing budgets!

The growth and popularity of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have become valuable tools for "Mommy Bloggers" , assisting in expanding the visibility of their blogs/reviews. Many of these bloggers consider their blogs and product reviews as their jobs as there are ways such as advertising space and Google words to make money with the blogs. "Mommy Bloggers" spent a lot of time reviewing and writing true and honest reviews and they deserve some compensation through free products and the previously mentioned methods (I have yet to reach that point). It is a lot of work to build a blog and get a following.

I only see the world of "Mommy Bloggers" growing and their opportunities increasing daily. Just take a look at a few "Mommy Blogs" such as Two Classy Chics or The Adventures of Paul and Natalie or my own, Joan's Product Reviews & Giveaways (mine is only 2 weeks old) and see the offers available and the growth of Sales & Marketing through this method! I do not see an end to the popularity of blogging for advertising, only an unlimited growth of opportunity!

So all of you out there in Blog World, take a look around, check out all the blogs! You never know what you might learn, or win!

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