Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Blog from the Red Head Riter!

"The greatest oak
was once a little nut
who held its ground."
~Author Unknown~


A walnut seed, if it could feel, might start off in a huge forest totally intimidated by the walnut trees that stand high and have lived many, many years producing beautiful nuts. The hard shelled, tiny walnut seed that can fit in the palm of your hand may feel overwhelmed with the task ahead.

There are so many obstacles to prevent the walnut from growing into a mature, fruit bearing tree.










The list might make the walnut feel like giving up.

We are not, however, walnuts.

Sitting in front of a computer monitor that shows a totally blank blog can be daunting. However, bear in mind that every blog, no matter how large or popular, began the same way.



Zero followers.

No readers.

The secret to succeeding with your blog is to keep things in perspective. When you were just a small child, you went to school and started at kindergarten. You might have thought, "It is going to take forever to graduate," and it probably felt that way too.

Each year, as long as you did the work, you moved up a grade until finally the day arrived and you graduated. There you stood, holding it in your hands...the coveted diploma.


Your day had arrived.

Writing a blog is not much different than growing into a fruitful walnut tree or graduating from high school. They all require the same attitude and action.


To become a successful blogger, you must keep your eye on the goal and continue posting in spite of obstacles, difficulties, lack of knowledge, or discouragement. The main ingredient is to be steadfast while moving towards a blog filled with exciting, thoughtful, interesting, informative, and helpful information.

Don't worry about the lack of readers, the blunders you will undoubtedly make while typing or coding, or the continual negative or pessimistic comments by others.

Just keep blogging.

Keep your blog well watered with new material and before you know it...

You will have a blog filled with post after post of information that attracts many readers, enhances the lives of others and is an outlet that provides a source for your creativity.

Thank you, Joan, for the opportunity to be your guest blogger today, but most of all for your beautiful friendship.

The Redhead Riter

The Redhead Riter authors multiple blogs, a successful forum, and has a weekly series of blogging tips entitled "Woo Us To Your Blog" where you can also link your blog as a helpful way to increase your own exposure on the internet.

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