Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11-2001 We Will Never Forget

Where were you on this date in history? I was at my first day of work at a new job and it was very memorable to me. I spent the morning with the bosses wife trying to get news updates online and all we heard was the twin towers and the Pentagon getting hit.
Finally the boss brought in a TV which gave us a much better idea of what was happening! I know I was frightened and in tears as well is the bosses wife! All we could think of is something happening where we were and our kids. The boss told us both to leave and get our kids and go home and be with them. I am pretty sure that there was NO business going on anyway!

I first arrived at my Son's school and fortunately he was well known and was easy to find! He actually had NO IDEA what was going on and I had to fill him in while we were on the way to get his sister. I cannot believe the school wasn't watching this unfold.

I then went to get my daughter from her elem school, behind a line of concerned and frightened parents, to sign her out. My young daughter was very aware of what was going on as the classes all had the TV's on. I could not believe the elem school was more aware than the high school as far as the students were concerned.

After picking up my kids I got them McDonalds which is a special treat, and headed home. My husband stayed at work so myself and the kids sat and watched on TV all that was going on. I also spent some time trying to find my brother as his work took him to the Pentagon often. Once I knew he was safe I felt a lot better.

I am sure we all have our own unique memories of this day. For me I get nauseas now when I see in depth stories of this day in history! All that lost their lives are heros in my heart! May they all be at peace!

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