Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bea's Gift Baskets

I would like to share with you my great experience with Bea's Gift baskets! I was fortunate enough to win a Father's Day gidt basket through Mommy's Memorandum Blog giveaway site at . I was thrilled to win this as it sure made my job easier for DH for Father's Day as I have Lupus and usually DH drives when we go out and is always with me!

The Father's Day Basket arrived promptly and was very cute and attractive and I couldn't wait to give it to him! So Father's Day arrived and he was presented with his gift! He really liked it and immediately, like a school child, tore open the packaging. Inside the basket were various goodies. Some were tasty but there was an issue with several items being stale and just not good at all. DH was a bit disappointed.

I struggled with the idea of contacting Julee from Mommy's Memorandum about the issues as this was won and not paid for. But then on the other hand Bea may have an issue she is not aware of with some of her product so I sent Julee an email. Within minutes of Bea hearing from Julee she emailed me! She wanted to make it right for me and she said she felt really bad. I hesitated as she said she would send a new basket. I told her that wasn't necessary as some of the stuff was good and the packaging was adorable and that if she wanted to do something just send a few little goodies for my DH. She asked what we would like and I finally told her coffee or something similar would be good, expecting maybe a few small flavored coffee packets or something.

A few days later the doorbell rang and the replacement was here. Boy this is a big box I thought to myself! I opened the box and inside was an absolutely gorgeous gift basket full of coffees, creamers, biscottis, and other breakfast items. I was speechless. Bea had gone totally out of her way to make amends and I let her know that! She is such a sweetheart and said this was how she wanted to make it right. I cannot tell you how wonderful the experience was working with Bea and I can truly say I personally buy from her without hesitation as her baskets are lovely and she made things more than right. She truly cares about her business and it shows!

I feel like through all this with Bea I came out friends and I think she is wonderful! So when you get a chance check out her site!

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