Friday, April 30, 2010

Hailey Angel Silent Auction

Friends, this was copied from Heather's site to help promote the Auction. Please help if you can! I have donated a ring and earrings for the silent auction! Joaness

Well E-Friends, I have to say this has probably been one of the hardest years in my family's history. March 13 I received the most devastating phone call of my entire life and that is saying a lot since my mother and uncle passed away on the same day (unrelated causes) back in October. On March 13 my sweet 2.5 month old niece, Hailey, passed away in her sleep due to SIDS. It was completely unexpected and obviously heartbreaking. My sister and her husband had to wait a long time for this "miracle baby" due to fertility challenges, so it was so hard to see Hailey be taken off this earth so soon. The life insurance policy for Hailey was going to be effective April 1!! I can't ease the pain caused from the separation my sister and her husband feel and will continue to feel, but I can help the financial burden placed on them due to all the funeral and hospital expenses with help from you and some fabulous donations.
May 12 & 13 Fabulous Fun Finds will be hosting a special Hailey Angel Silent Auction. My goal is to raise enough money for Hailey's headstone (estimated cost $2800-$3200 OUCH!!). If for some miracle I am able to raise more the additional funds will be used for the ambulance fee and emergency room expenses.
Items that will be up for bidding during the silent auction will be placed on my right hand sidebar along with a link to each vendors' website. I decided to hold this auction just 2 days ago, so I will be busy, busy finding fabulous products that you will WANT to bid on. A special thank you to Eden's Bouquet, A Touch of Sunshine, My Dough Girl and LaTeeDaKids for submitting my first donations!! Voting is currently under way on the Fabulous Fun Finds Facebook Fan Page for which item will be donated from LaTeeDaKids. Voting ends Sunday night (4/25), so hurry and make your vote count!
Please mark your calenders for May 12 & 13, invite your friends to check out the auction and keep an eye on my right hand sidebar for other items that will be available for bidding during the Hailey Angel Silent Auction. Bidding will begin at 12:01 am on May 12 and end at 9PM PST on May 13. You must have a paypal account to bid. Feel free to check out and participate in Hailey Angel, a "pay it forward" website, set up by my sister and her husband in honor of their daughter. Yes, the picture above is a picture of Hailey, our sweet little angel! A special thank you to Kristin from My Two Babes for creating this special button for me!
**For the next two weeks I will be posting various items from vendors that have committed to donating an item for the Hailey Angel Silent Auction on my Facebook Fan Page. The item with the highest bid is the item that will be donated and up for auction on May 12 & 13. Join me on Facebook for some pre auction fun!


  1. What a heartbreaking story. I would love to participate when the auction rolls around.

  2. Hey this is really touching!!!

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