Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spread Heads

Yay my Spread Heads are here! I feel like a child with these things! They are going to be a lot of fun!
Thanks to for the Spread Heads.

My favorite is Charlie who is pictured above. My older brother is always calling me a snot and the snot jokes fly between us! I cannot wait for a visit to his home for a cookout and I will sneak Charlie on his ketchup. I also want to see if pickle relish will come out his nose (Sorry to those with weak stomachs) and do that. Tee hee hee - these things make me feel like a kid and I want to play!

There is also a Mustard Marvin who spews mustard out of his mouth, staring at you cross eyed! Also received are two cute toothpaste heads, one is a cute dog with no name and the other is toothpaste Oscar and he is a bit weird looking, orange with bulging eyes!

Thank you to and to
for this fun prize! I will definitely have a lot of fun!


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    Now those spread heads are pretty funny! My boys would LOVE those! :)

    Have a great weekened! :)

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  7. Very fun that you have one of these heads that sprays out jelly or toothpaste...this is news to me!!!

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    so wait, there is ketchup in that thing? bizzaarrreeeee in a great way!

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